Hi, I’m Misa, a craftoholic who lives near Bolton in the UK with my husband H and our children. We fail to have any pets, which I think breaks some kind of blogger law, sorry.

I began blogging about crochet in 2016, but my interests widened so when it came time to re-register my domain name, I didn’t. Instead I chose September Stitch – birth month and a more general description as I love to sew, embroider and generally play with bits of string.

That said, this is still primarily a crochet blog as designing patterns is where I want to be. Getting a pattern published in a magazine was the proudest moment of 2017, and an achievement I want to emulate again!

Because I’m spending a large amount of my time working on things I can’t share, that does sometimes mean I don’t post to the blog often. However I’m very active on social media and can be found on Twitter and Instagram.

My patterns are on LoveCrochet. I sell finished projects and take commissions over at Folksy.