• Ta Da

    Weekend Washout

    I’m a member of Sue Pinner’s Fb crochet group, and when a few decided to organise a weekend crochet retreat in Bala, Wales, I jumped at the chance. Who wouldn’t? I arrived late Friday as I had to wait for hubs to finish work. I was greeted by the lovely Chris, and met Claire and her dog Deedee (who I almost brought home!) Saturday, we sat around crocheting, nattering, drinking tea and generally having a good time. Well, sort of. My sciatica started to play up and eventually I gave in and went for a lie down. Resting helped, and I was able to join the girls for a gorgeous…

  • Ta Da

    Painted Roses Blanket Ta Da!

    This is the second Painted Roses Blanket that I’ve made, the first being done for my Mum in Sandra’s colours as a birthday present. I also made her a matching cushion for Mother’s Day. Mum keeps her blanket on her ottoman, so when we redecorated our living room and I bought an ottoman of my own in a vain attempt to store my yarn stash (I’d probably need at least 3 for that!) that I got the idea to make a blanket to cover mine. I chose to recreate the Painted Roses one as our new curtains are covered in large flowers. I took the colour scheme of the curtains and used Stylecraft…

  • Ta Da,  Weaving

    Peony Weaving Ta Da!

    The one thing about being a yarn hoarder is you do tend to end up with… well, a hoard of yarn. I didn’t even intentionally collect, either – I just picked up the odd ball here, got a little kit with a magazine there, and all of a sudden, I’d a mountain of the stuff. I could curl up on it like a yarny Smaug. There are several things you can do with odd balls – toys, scrap granny squares, even yarn bowls, but a recent copy of Mollie Makes came with a weaving loom and I rather caught the bug. The loom is very basic, but it does the…

  • Summer Wave Bag
    Ta Da

    Summer Wave Bag Ta Da!

    Hot off my hook is this summer bag! Made in Stylecraft Mystique, it’s perfect for carrying your beach reads and essentials. Shades used are Vino Tinto, Azul, and Aqua.