New Year, New Me

So my 2017 fell pretty flat. I’d plans and managed to get a pattern published but at the end of April, I had a motorbike accident and broke my right wrist. I also sustained soft tissue damage to my back¹ and my right shoulder. I’m mentioned which side because I’m right-handed. Even once the cast was off my wrist, I could only crochet for short periods of time due to the minor injuries.

See ¹? Well, this came into play mid-July when I was travelling on hubby’s bike and we hit a pothole. The impact compacted my spine and caused a partially slipped disc. This proceeded to press on my sciatic nerve and spark no end of problems (I still have a lot of nerve pain, but it’s manageable.)

That was SO last year. This one is going to be better, no matter what.

My Immediate Goals for 2018

Finish the Silver Linings Blanket sample, get some good photos and publish the pattern
Finish the Violetta Jumper, write up the pattern, etc, etc
Improve my pitching skills
Participate in the Solar System CAL (I couldn’t resist)
Start attending crochet group again
Create an actual work space
Blog more!

There you go. I really feel the missing months, but I know that if I dwell on them, then I’ll bog myself down. The blog is definitely what I need to concentrate on, and developing myself as a designer will go a long way towards that. I also feel that I should treat designing as a Proper Job and set aside both time and space for it.

Clearly, I need a Tardis.

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