So give me crochet and TV

There’s nothing as nice, after a long day housewifing, as putting on your favourite show and crocheting along.

I’ve a Netflix subscription and my current watches are the fabulous Star Trek Discovery, quirky comedy The Good Place, and the weird and wonderful Stranger Things.


Vera is a murder mystery on for two hours Sunday night. It’s set in the north east of England, so it’s dark and gritty, much like the weather. In order to brighten up grey and dreary January and I like detective stories, I pop Death In Paradise on on Thursdays.

Death in Paradise

I also adore feel-good shows such as Strictly Come Dancing and The Great British Bake Off, though the last series of Strictly fell a bit flat for me – apart from the wonderful Susan Calman, who’s joy was utterly contagious. I followed Bake Off to Channel 4 and, while I do rather miss Mel and Sue, Noel and Sandi are just as fun. And the dodgy double ententes are just as fruity!

The Great British Bake Off

So that’s what I watch while I crochet. What (if anything) do you pop on?

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