Creative Craft Show Spring

Having won myself a pair of tickets courtesy of Black Sheep Wools, I moseyed over to Event City for the spring edition of the Creative Craft Show today. I wasn’t sure if the show would be any good – I went to the Knitting & Stitch Show in 2016 and found it was almost totally shops – but I’m pleased to report that there was a good number of textile artists showing this time around.

Artwork by Nikki Parmenter
Artwork by Nikki Parmenter

I would have taken loads of photos, but many of the artists were busy and I wasn’t able to ask permission. One I managed to ask was Nikki Parmenter, who made this mixed media marvel. Nikki combines fabric, wool and wire to create stunning, 3D artwork – check her website for the fabulous Indian elephant!

Other artists exhibiting included Val Hudges, from whom I bought some needle felting supplies, and the Jeudis team, who create mixed media pieces based on classical artists.

I spent a ridiculous amount of time ogling Wendy Dolan‘s beautiful artwork. She layers white fabric and lace, which she then sews with white thread, after which she colours the scene with fabric paint and finally adds detail with her sewing machine. I really need a sewing machine!

One exhibit that left me utterly stunned was that belonging to Yao Ming Chien. A refugee who arrived in the UK from Taiwan in 1993. Deaf from birth, he learnt BSL and then taught himself embroidery. His pieces are absolutely huge and his version of The Last Supper, depicted with tiny glass beads, is breathtaking.

Also grabbing my attention was this collection of steampunk-inspired clothing, all handmade and hand stitched with intricate embroidery and beading.

And I have to mention the Llandrysul Knitted Map! Designed by Sue Howell, it was knitted up by ten volunteers over a year. It was displayed at the National Wool Museum, and the interest it received has sparked a nationwide frenzy – Wolverhamptom has already created its map and Newbury should have theirs finished this year.

I didn’t spend loads – though I could have! – but I did get the aforementioned needle felting supplies (needle, foam and wool tops), plus extra tops from a different stall. I got a couple of mixed packs from Jeudis and a yarn pack from Black Sheep. There were some handmade food goodies on offer as well and I might have bought some flapjack. 😉

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