Peony Weaving Ta Da!

The one thing about being a yarn hoarder is you do tend to end up with… well, a hoard of yarn. I didn’t even intentionally collect, either – I just picked up the odd ball here, got a little kit with a magazine there, and all of a sudden, I’d a mountain of the stuff. I could curl up on it like a yarny Smaug.

There are several things you can do with odd balls – toys, scrap granny squares, even yarn bowls, but a recent copy of Mollie Makes came with a weaving loom and I rather caught the bug. The loom is very basic, but it does the job. Though I do plan on getting something more sophisticated when finances allow.

Anyway, here is my Peony Woven Wall Hanging!

The ribbon yarn is by Ice and over two decades old, so I doubt it’s still available, though you never know. I honestly haven’t looked. The rest is odd balls of acrylic that I have no idea about.

I think it coordinates quite well for being made from Things I Dug Out Of My Stash!

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