Weekend Washout

I’m a member of Sue Pinner’s Fb crochet group, and when a few decided to organise a weekend crochet retreat in Bala, Wales, I jumped at the chance. Who wouldn’t?

I arrived late Friday as I had to wait for hubs to finish work. I was greeted by the lovely Chris, and met Claire and her dog Deedee (who I almost brought home!) Saturday, we sat around crocheting, nattering, drinking tea and generally having a good time.

Sue and Chris, in what became their spot!

Well, sort of. My sciatica started to play up and eventually I gave in and went for a lie down. Resting helped, and I was able to join the girls for a gorgeous meal at The White Lion in Bala. It was worth the price of the weekend just to see Sue P with the VR headset! So funny.

Unfortunately, my health crashed majorly on Sunday, to the point I ended up in an ambulance and transferred to Wrexham Hospital. I was there overnight and spent most of Monday – my 44th birthday – stressing about how the heck I was going to get home. In the end, hubs picked me up and we had takeout to salvage something of the day.

Despite the miserable end, I did have a nice time and will be going to the next retreat – though I’ve told Sue that I’m not going to be going for an exact repeat! And maybe we’ll get some better weather so I can get out and take more photos, because Bala is a really lovely part of the country.

The view from my bedroom window
Crochet and biscuits!
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